Daily Inspiration

“Visualize your higher self and start showing up as her.”

Jessica Hagget

This quote hit me today. Scrolling through Instagram, I paused and reread. A lot can be said about these words.

Showing up as her at all costs, for Yourself. Being exactly who you want to be, daily. I can be 5 different people in a week and that is ok too.

Im almost 40. Some get lost in aging but from may angle, ageing seems to be getting lost in me. I dont feel older, I feel smarter and geneuinly successful at following through with myself. Im not aging, im applying.

I dont have money based success but based off this quote, I am quite successful. Over the past couple weeks a lot of hard work spent on creating my life has started to pay off and things are vibing.

Now, when I look in the mirror, I see her. The higherself I was visualizing from he first day I sat down in front of my word-doc 2 years ago and said, “I want ‘her’ to be a writer.”

The writer

I have been writing my whole life. But, I wasnt a writer. I just threw words around and took it personal if noone read them.

Now, I put words together, enjoy it, make money off of it, and really dont care if any one reads it.

Ok, wait, thats a lie. I want everyone to read it. I want everyone to feel like I do when I sucessfully create something worth reading. I just don’t take the latter personal any more. Furthermore, because I have spent more time on developing my writing skills and visualizing what it is I need to DO to beome her, I started showing up daily to work on that muscle memory of becoming who I want to be as a wtiter.

Before I get too deep, I just want this to be a short blog. A pat on the back for myself. Im proud of myself. And you should be proud of who you are too. If you aren’t, DO something about it. Noone can make you happy indefinately, thats your job. Think about the things you want or DO the work necissary to get there, only one is a productive verb, DO.

We are not our thoughts unless they become action. Weed through that garden of thought and harvest what makes you better at, well, being you.

This blog is me showing up for my future self. I have like 6 blogs going that I need to really make kick ass but this one is for me. I want to become a real blogger now. I have to start somewhere. And posting daily is part of that process. Some call it accountability. I call it putting in the work, and doing actually works.

So, heres to me and “her”, I want to be someone she is proud of and proud to be.