The Thunberg Comet

While the UN basks in the coma of the 2019 Greta Thunberg comet, she continues to magnetize world organizations with her ion tail, acquiring fans and allies such as Youth leader Tokata Iron Eyes and Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau. Thunberg’s quest to save the environment highlights the threat of capitalism with science.  She is simply using it to back the claims of the youth rising up with her. 

Moreover, not believing in the climate crisis means you have lived in a cave for the past two decades, or you are part of the current Trump agenda. 

Countries’ citizens are in upheaval, and they are fighting for the future of our planet. They are standing up for their right to a livable one, rebelling against political and governmental corporate interference. Their only agenda? Protecting Pachamama. 

In fact, 97% of climate scientists warn carbon emissions from fossil-fuel consumption are not only heating the planet, but the heavy flow of un-natural human activity and the insatiable need for oil and plastics are throwing our Earth completely off balance. And if natural ecosystems are collapsing, it is arrogant to assume the human “ecosystem” won’t fail as well. 

From Standing Rock to the Antarctic and across the Amazon we are seeing the effects of this threat. Allegedly, fires are being set in the Amazon, wiping out large sections of rain forest for blood money.  Tribal leaders are being assassinated in broad daylight to open up land for logging. Fracking is causing the earth to tremble across the Mid-West while crowds riot in the street, and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 

Escaping Corporate Bondage: Consumer Accountability

Heavyweight corporations are being put in the spotlight due to this youth uprising. Even more, they are now able to hold these companies accountable for their environmental homicide. 

Giants like Exxon are being sued by the state of New York for “… downplaying the expected risks of climate change to its business…” while Monsanto pays out huge for poisoning food that allegedly causes cancer. 

Historically untouchable, and now owned by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Monsanto is proving to be a leaky pipeline for the popular pharmaceutical company. This is beautiful because the more people that feel they are able to step up and take on these corporations and win allows more room for change. It also proves the youth agenda is doing more than making an impact; it is creating a space for that change to take place. 

Humans are waking up just in time to make the melting polar caps a spectator sport. Climate deniers are drowning in indiscretion while purposely ignoring the rising temperatures and sea levels. This isn’t a case of ignorance people; they are well informed. They refuse to separate from the herd of warmongers because they feel denying climate change is more lucrative. 

In hindsight, what 16-year-old Greta is doing is activating the future. She is grooming the youth. And like meteorites, they are chipping away and crashing into world governments with the facts. Ousting the dinosaurs sitting in them as they uncover the blood and oil-stained hands of each one. If only they could start using the sun and the wind to properly clean them. 

This is only the beginning. There are many layers of lies to organize from decades of using economic-hitmen to spread corporate agendas across the world. 

Furthermore, the new generation understands activating on a personal level and taking responsibility for themselves is critical as well. Heading out with the masses can catapult movements, but rebelling against climate deniers on a more personal level by not subscribing to their archaic corporate agendas (aka consumerism) is a great place to start. 

These are all reasons why we need to “Gandhi up” and become the change we seek in this world, it is the only way we are going to be able to save it. 

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