Just a Bloggy Blog

Baby talk for baby steps. I am writing this to make sure that I get something out today. It was quite the successful one with my writing and self-practice today, and I am staying up way past my bedtime(it is 8:30 pm right now) to write this.

Diplomacy won today and my words and actions brought home $100. The old me would have taken the situation I dealt with today and made it a whole shit show, and I would have thought about it all week while making myself feel like shit on all fronts because of failure in self growth. I would have lost the money, and well, I just know the old me, and she was a bitch.

Instead, I chose to keep my cool and smile through the pain of not telling someone they were an asshole and to fuck off. I did it, I actually ended up making them smile. That was a first time in a long time I was able to do that and it felt amazing. I am growing people. I am learning from my mistakes and taking myself to the next level and it is inspiring. I am inspiring myself.

This blog isn’t a long one, and it really has no other purpose than to pose a pat on the back for myself and actually get some words on the blog. It will get better, I know, and this blog will be a piece in the library of baby steps. I am holding onto the table for support at the moment, but I’ll be running through the house and hitting my head on it before too long. You all don’t want to miss it!

Here’s to personal growth and learning from and inspiring yourself.



2 thoughts on “Just a Bloggy Blog

  1. This is inspiring! I’ve been sitting on my ass, “thinking about” starting a blog, vs just DOING IT. And you may have just given me the kick in the ass I needed…

    I’ll be cheering you on as I start my own journey…wish me luck! And congrats for dealing with things the diplomatic way — it’s true, it generally works better than running someone down with your car. (Even if it might not feel as satisfying.)

    —Stephanie from the Herstories group (who left the “dick” comment.)


    1. Thanks! Ya. I asked a girl i’m in a group with that is an exceptional writer and blogs daily how she does it and she just said, “just write, itll work itself oit. But you cant work it out if you sot write it.”

      So theres that Bloggy Blog! Lol. Now go write! Good luck! Cheers!


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